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Each day we provide an update on what will be made fresh at the restaurant for lunch service. Check here to learn about our daily specials and featured items.

Baked Artichoke Canelloni, and Cavolo Rossi!

Flush with spring colors today; Baked spinach pasta with artichoke and ricotta filing, and Cresti di Gallo, with red cabbage, toasted pine-nuts and sheep's milk feta And of course our house Pappardelle alla...

Lacy Things and Pink Flowers…….

Sorry, couldn't resist an opportunity to make beet-juice Fiore, with mascarpone, spinach and ricotta. And,  Mafalda, with braised pork leg ragu Buon San...

Baked Mafalda! and Porcini Bucatini!

If you had a birthday cake made of pasta, it might look like this...... Baked Mafalda with leek and thyme béchamel, and tomato with peperoncini and capers! And this beauty... Porcini Mushroom Bucatini, with pancetta, Calabrian chilies, garlic and...

Gustare Il Arcobaleno!

That means "Taste the Rainbow" in Italian.... But I feel like I've heard that catchphrase before? Either way, we've got two different rainbows for you today, -not necessary together on the same plate.  Maccheroni Rigate, (that look just like little rainbows) with...

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