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Each day we provide an update on what will be made fresh at the restaurant for lunch service. Check here to learn about our daily specials and featured items.

Calamaretti with Calamari!

Calamaretti, with Calamari, Sofrito (finely minced carrot, celery, garlic), and Cherry Tomatoes! Our signature pesto sauce with parsley, basil, and...

Fiore with Sun Gold Tomatoes!

Fiore with sun gold tomatoes, butter, garlic, onions, and a sprinkle of red chili pepper flakes. Campanelle with sweet corn, garlic, onions, oregano, and a dash of chili...

Fussili with walla walla onions, and roasted red peppers

Fussili with spring onions, walls walla onions, and and cipolle onions! Simmered with roasted red bell peppers, paparazzi, and mama lils. Paccheri with patty pan squash, lemon and mint simmered with butter, garlic, and a sprinkle of chili...

Torchietti with Dandelion Greens, and Spanish Tuna

Torchietti with Spanish tuna, anchovies, dandelion greens, garlic, capers, chilis and peppers. An incredibly satisfying flavor fusion. Rigatoni with Caico e Pepe! Black pepper, pecorino cheese, and olive oil. An incredibly delicious take on a classic....

Perciatelli Amatriciana

Perciatelli with pancetta, chilis, toasted garlic, and tomatoes. Cresti Di Gallo with broccolini, mama lils (local pickled goat horn peppers), bread crumbs, simmered in olive...

Closed July 3-4!!

Hey all you pasta lovin' people, we will be CLOSED Monday July 3th AND Tuesday July 4th!!! We will be open again, normal hours, on Wednesday. So go enjoy the sun, and come visit us wednesday.

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