PORK PARTY! Copa De Testa, and House Made Sausage!

Yesterday we gave you your veggies,



We’ve got a beautiful and delicious pork terrine,

Copa De Testa!

HeadcheezAnd a housemade spicy Italian sausage with tuscan kale and tomato!

Sausage and KaleAnd also today:

Pappardelle alla Bolognese


Root Vegetable Lasagne Alla Bianca! 

Heirloom Italian Squash or Beet Lumache?

Choices, choices…..

Whole Grain Tagliatelle, with Italian “Butternut Rugosa” squash sauce….

Pump Tag

or, Red Beet Lumache, with roasted parsnips, Taggiasche olives and Mama Lil’s Peppers?

Beet Parsnip

Getting your veggies has never been such a tough decision!

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Gnocchi Con Pomodoro


well most times,

Simplicity is best.

Gnocchi in Salse Pomodoro con MozzarellaGnocchi fin

Also today:

Whole Grain Tagliatelle, with a kohlrabi-sage cream sauce.

Rigatoni, with Pancetta, chickpeas, chard and tomato.

Ceci e Bietola

Mezze Maniche

with chickpeas, chard and tomato, classic winter fare.

Mezze Ceci

It is a testament to the virtues of stocking your pantry with good legumes, dried chilis and high quality canned tomatoes.

Because….. its January……. so chard, chard, kale and chard.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Percatelli Nero, alla Siciliana.

Barbabietola e Ricotta

Zane D’elefante


Elephant tusk pasta,

with red beets, tarragon and ricotta.


Also today:

Lasagne, alla Bolognese

Pasta Misti, with prosecution, salami and rainbow chard

Introducing Saturday Night Dinner Service!

Introducing Saturday Night Dinner Service!

With Me and Chef Miles James collaborating twice a month on a four course set menu,

with Karel Cipra pouring bubbles and curating the wine list for each event.

Il Corvo Pasta Restaurant in Seattle, WA

Dinners will be $60 per person, and will not include wine, tax or gratuities.

As most of you know, all the tables at Il Corvo seat 4 people,

so you will most likely be sharing a table with another couple.



 There will be no substitutions for any of the menus, and if I may quote our now famous disclaimer,

If you have any food allergies, severe dislikes or intolerances, please feel free to seek reservations at any of Seattle’s other fantastic restaurants.”

We will be taking reservations for:

January 24th,  A duck themed menu,

February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day, treasures from the sea menu

and, February 28, menu TBA.

To make reservations, please call Il Corvo 206-538-0999, and leave a message.

Your reservation is not confirmed until you speak with someone personally! 

Little Rewards.


You’ve made it through the first week of 2015!  You’ve probably applied serious determination, will power and  purity of human spirit to your new year’s resolution of choice (that may or may not include the omission of certain food items and/or, but not limited to, any fun from your diet) 

You need to reward this act of sheer courage!

Fusilli, with house-made pancetta, duck brodo, and tuscan kale. Fusilli duck

Let’s face it, whatever your new year’s resolution was, it all boils down to eating and living better in 2015.

-I’d say this is a pretty good ay to eat and live.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese.

Torchietti, with peppers, olives, chilis and bread crumbs


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