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Each day we provide an update on what will be made fresh at the restaurant for lunch service. Check here to learn about our daily specials and featured items.

Spaghetti Carbonara!

This classic needs no introduction..... also.. Lumache, with baby turnips, their greens, mascarpone and cream! And Pappardelle, Allan...

Perciatelli, with Cacio e Pepe!

It seems everyone is talking about this simple spicy classic lately.......come  see what all the hub-bub is all about. also today, Pappardelle, Allan Bolognese and Campanelle, with chickpeas, tomato and...

Baked Pasta Today… And CLOSED NEXT WEEK!

We will be Closed all of next week (Jan 2nd -6th) -( thats about how long your "cut down on carbs" New Years resolution will last anyway) But today: Make hay while the sun is shining! Baked Mafalda, with roasted beet béchamel, tomato, greens, and parmesan! Also today:...

Ave Maria!

Pasta Ave Maria.... yes, named for the Catholic prayer of Hail Mary, no doubt due to the striking resemblance to rosary beads. These traditional Umbrian pasta, (or really fancy Spaghetti-O's) are simmered in a rich beef and parmesan broth, and the result is nothing...

Buon Natale!

This guy is pretty excited about LASAGNE today! Also today, Gigli, with roasted beets, ricotta creme and dandelion greens. and Pappardelle, alla Bolognese Enjoy the holiday weekend, may you dine with loved ones, drink deeply, and always laugh the...

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