Seattle Beer Week Dinner with Pfriem!

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Come join us for a BEER paring dinner! With Hood River’s own

Priem Family Brewers!

A 5 course meal, pared with a selection of Pfriem favorites as well as a few new releases!

The ticket price is all inclusive,( includes tax, tip and gratuities)

you can preview the menu and buy tickets:  RIGHT HERE

Also, after dinner there is an additional beer and cheese flight….tickets available on the site!

Gigli, With Pesto Grecco

Sun-dried tomatoes, watercress, parsley, toasted walnuts and ricotta salata


Also today:

Bucatini, alla Amatriciana

Mafaldine, with spring garlic cream

Spaghetti Integrale, with Watercress-Walnut Pesto.

Get yer healthy on!


Also today:

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Gresti Di Gallo, bagna cauda, snap peas and shishito peppers.

Rigatoni, with sun-dried tomatoes, Ricotta Salata, Garlic, Chilies and Olives


Also today:

Gnocchi, con Salsa Pomodoro

Tagliatelle, With a sweet Italian Sausage Cream

Lumache, Cultured Cream and Asparagus.

Fresh Washington asparagus, garlic, a pinch of chilies and that savory tang from house-cultured butter and cream.


Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Conchiglie, with housmade boquerones, spring garlic and Shishito Peppers.

Spring Pesto and Perciatelli!

a little melange of of spring treats in this pesto today….

Spring garlic, nettles, mint, basil, and parsley


also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Torchietta, with house made Pancetta, Dandelion Greens and tomato

Bucatini, Fiore, Casarecce…


Today’s Menu:

Fiore, with spring garlic cream sauce

Casarecce, red wine-braised beef with taggiasca olives

Bucatini, with house made pancetta and dandelion greens


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