Baked Rigatoni!

Just consider this your pre-game warm up…


with roasted cauliflower, golden beets, and béchamel

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Tagliarini, with arugula-toasted walnut pesto

A little bowl of Sunshine.

Cavatappi Pasta (corkscrew shaped), with Golden Beets, Mascarpone and Pecorino cheese!


Also today:

Whole Grain Mafalda, with arugula-toasted walnut pesto.

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Pork Rillettes!

Good news for you! – we’re on a bit of charcuterie kick this week.

Today we’ve got pork rillettes, with pickled shallots and crostini.

IMG_4031And for the pasta dishes today:

Trompetti, with Sunchoke-Cream sauce

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Squid ink Percatelli, with salsa Veneto (caramelized onion and anchovy)

Duck, Duck Mousse!

It’s Duck Day At Il Corvo today!

We’ve got not one, but TWO duck delicacies on the menu:

Rigatoni Integrale, with duck ragu.


and a creamy duck liver mousse, with kumquat mostardo!


As well as,

Squid ink Spaghettini, with Salsa Veneto (slow braised caramelized onions and anchovy sauce)

Lumache, with cauliflower, preserved Meyer lemon, garlic confit and Calabrian chiles.

Tonnarelli, with Cacio e Pepe!

The right pasta for a sauce can be a lengthy debate.

Many pasta shapes work great with certain styles of sauces, and many pasta shapes are traditional and regional specific to certain sauces.

But if there is such a thing as a perfect noodle for each sauce, this is surely an example of one. IMG_4027

Tonnarelli, a big thick, chewy, square….. spaghetti, for lack of a better description, is THE PERFECT noodle for the classic Roman dish:

Cacio E Pepe, a simple sauce of black pepper, Pecorino cheese and olive oil.

The tooth, and texture of the noodle help buffer the spicy black pepper, and the big square sides have much more surface area than a traditional spaghetti, letting it carry more olive oil, which lets more cheese stick to it, which perfectly balances the flavors of the dish.

This is why Italians are so serious about specific pasta shapes with specific sauces!

Once you’ve had a pasta dish that is in perfect harmony with its sauce, it’s hard to image having it any other way…

Also today:

Lasagne Verdura, mushrooms, squash, rapini, and tomato

Pasta Misti, Alla Amatriciana

Fusilli, with Rapini, roasted garlic and Mama Lil’s Peppers!

This is what happens when you get steam on your camera lens….


and then gobble up the subject of your photo before you realize the picture was hazy….

oh well, -another delicious mistake!

Also on the menu today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolgnese

Fiore, en Salsa di Sarda

The Veneto

Dusting off an old favorite today…

Bigoli in Salsa

Now, this is not the type of “salsa” you poured into a 6 liter mixing bowl yesterday to enjoy with 4 jumbo bags of tortilla chips for celebration of the big sport event.

(apparently the team sported very finely yesterday)

But rather “Salsa” the Venetian name for the pasta sauce comprised of

garlic, anchovies, parsley, olive oil and in this case some fennel fronds and hot chilies.

A perfect condiment for the Venetian fat whole wheat noodle, called



Also today:

Torchietti, with a celery root cream sauce.

Ziti, a  shredded pork-leg ragu, braised with olives and cured lemons.


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