Spaghetti-Squash…..sort of?

Well its Spaghetti, with Squash

well… Galeux D’Eysines Pumpkin to be exact


and the Spaghetti is square, Spaghetti alla Chittarra- 

Spaghetti Squash

so fine, it’s NOTHING like spaghetti squash, -but it sure is delicious !

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Pasta Misti, with a spicy Sicilian cauliflower sauce

Torchietti and Tomato Braised Puntarelle!

So,… you may recognize one or two words in that heading….

But the one you are probably most unfamiliar with is “Puntarelle”

It’s a late fall/early winter chicory originating from the Catalonia coastline of Lazio Gaeta, with a pleasing bitterness similar to dandelion when eaten raw, that mellows a bit when cooked.  It’s not an easy thing to find here in the States, but luckily our friends out at Local Roots Farm are fond of growing it,

so I took a trip out there yesterday:


Here’s Jason, loading up some Cauliflower (not Puntarelle)

And here’s a carload of produce (puntarelle on the right)


Braised in some tomato and chili,  its mellowed bitterness gives an earthy depth to just about any dish,

like this Torcheitti,

Torch punta

And if that isn’t Fall-tastic enough for you?…

how about a nice slice of the hunting life?

Terrine alla Caciatoré (hunter style)

with Rabbit, Pheasant and Duck Breast

Duck terrine

served with an Italian plum marmelada.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Ditali, in Puttanesca

Never Too Early For The Fall Classics….

Like Lumache, with Delicata Squash and Sage.

Fall Classics……Looking spectacular in the long Autumn light

Also today:

Lasagne Alla Bolognese

Casarecce, with Puntarelli and Bagna Cauda (garlicy anchovy butter)

Pasta e Fagioli! and House Made Mortadella!

No, it’s not your grandmother’s bologna.

Well……Unless your Nonna happened to be a butcher from Bologna Italy, 

then……. maybe this IS just like your grandma used to make.


And if you need a bowl full of warmth to heel the rainy blues away,

Pasta Misti, with heirloom Romano Beans, ground salami and prosciutto, duck broth and tomato should do the trick!

pasta fagioli

Also Today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Percatelli, in Basil, Mint and Parsley Pesto

Whole Grain Conchiglie, with Spicy Clam and Tomato Sauce.

Spicy, hearty, bowl full of goodness…..whole conch


We’ve got a silken-smooth, chicken liver pate, served with a gooseberry-apricot marmalade and focaccia crostini!


(while it lasts)

Also today:

Pappardelle, with red wine braised beef ragu

Fusilli, with a rutabaga and marjoram cream sauce

Baked Lasagne Misti!

5 kinds of pasta, ground prosciutto, kale, chard, summer squash, saffron béchamel and tomato.

Did I miss anything?

Lasagne Misti

Also today:’

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Mafalda, with fresh sorrel-basil pesto

Whole Grain Taglatelle, With Saffron-Summer Squash Sauce

The gardens are prolific this time of year,

and the summer squash are numerous,

WG Tagliatelle

This sauce is kissed with the sun, to bring it a rich golden colour, and the saffron doesn’t hurt either.

Also today:

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Fusilli, with fresh fennel, anchovie, nicoise olive and cured lemon


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