Gigli, With Pesto Grecco

Sun-dried tomatoes, watercress, parsley, toasted walnuts and ricotta salata


Also today:

Bucatini, alla Amatriciana

Mafaldine, with spring garlic cream

Spaghetti Integrale, with Watercress-Walnut Pesto.

Get yer healthy on!


Also today:

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Gresti Di Gallo, bagna cauda, snap peas and shishito peppers.

Rigatoni, with sun-dried tomatoes, Ricotta Salata, Garlic, Chilies and Olives


Also today:

Gnocchi, con Salsa Pomodoro

Tagliatelle, With a sweet Italian Sausage Cream

Lumache, Cultured Cream and Asparagus.

Fresh Washington asparagus, garlic, a pinch of chilies and that savory tang from house-cultured butter and cream.


Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Conchiglie, with housmade boquerones, spring garlic and Shishito Peppers.

Spring Pesto and Perciatelli!

a little melange of of spring treats in this pesto today….

Spring garlic, nettles, mint, basil, and parsley


also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Torchietta, with house made Pancetta, Dandelion Greens and tomato

Bucatini, Fiore, Casarecce…


Today’s Menu:

Fiore, with spring garlic cream sauce

Casarecce, red wine-braised beef with taggiasca olives

Bucatini, with house made pancetta and dandelion greens

Cavatelli, Boquerones, Olives, and Sunshine

Spanish marinated white anchovies, Castelvetrano olives, chilies, and the fresh crunch of celery…..


Put on your sunglasses, let us pour you a glass of white wine, and pretend you are in Malta.

also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Cavatappi, with chickpeas, sage and tomato.


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