Fidelini, ……Ol’ Faithful

I often like to research the names of pasta and what they mean,  but sometime a clear definition eludes me.

Fidelini, is one of those.

 The best I can gather, is a reference to the Saint Fedelis of Como, year 304, or the latin root, “Fidel” meaning Faithful.

But whatever the meaning, when you bite into a forkful of these short spaghetti,

tossed in a melange of freshly harvested peppery garden greens, and Sicilian cherry tomatoes.


You get the feeling of an honest (faithful) comfort food, rich with as much tradition as flavor.

Also today:

Fiore, with Rutabega and turnip cream sauce with fresh wood sorrel

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese


FrancoBolli. It’s just a fun word to say.

It means “postage stamps” in Italian, and for those of you who no longer no what postage stamps are, -

you’ll have to look it up, it’s fascinating.

Tiny little parcels of pasta fill with a thin layer of béchamel, FrancoboliAnd, I got to use one of my favorite antique pasta tools, a little ravioli press from Argentina.

these little guy will get tossed today with some bursted Sun-Gold cherry tomatoes, and butter.

Also! we’ve got fantastic Goat Rillettes, a terrine made from the slow cooked belly and rib meat from a goat I recently butchered for an event put on by Nicky USA, served with fresh rhubarb and pickled mustard seeds.

Goat Rillettes

But wait, there’s more…..

May I also announce…….(drumroll)

the return of our beloved Spicy Chickpea Salad!

so…..I know that a lot of happiness to process right now, whit a good support group you should be able to eat your way through it.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Casarecce,  Boquerones, fennel olives, capers, chili,  and cured lemon

Conchiglie alla Vongolé!

Clam shell stuffed pasta, tossed in white clam and fennel sauce….

It’s almost as if they were made for each other!


Also check out Jameson Fink’s blogpost and Podcast Wine Without Worry about Pizzeria Gabbiano

it’s a candid look into the mind of a Chef,

with an in-depth look at topics such as “what chairs we like to sit in” and “how much we love beer”!

Jameson Fink’s Wine Without Worry

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Bucatini, al’Arrabbiatta,(spicy) with fresh ricotta

Cappella D’angelo in Duck Brodo!

Wisps of Angels’ hair pasts and fennel fronds, set adrift in a pool of rich duck broth….

Duck Brodo

…sets my heart (and taste buds) all a-flutter.

Also today:

Lasagne, alla Bolognese

Whole Grain Fiore, with sweet corn, summer squash and fresh oregano.

Pasta Integralé ……Don’t Fear The Reaper.

Don’t be afraid….

Yes, this pasta is made with Certified Organic Whole Grain Durum flour.

Yes, that means it’s good for you, ..or at least good-er for you than white flour.

and Yes,

you can taste the difference.

Grana Integrale

But fear not, for it taste not like the soil the very grains were reaped from, as is the common misconception of most people.

But rather, with a complex, hearty, nutty flavor that can only be derived from a grain so freshly ground.

Personally, I prefer it, and after months of hounding my distributors I finally received my first 50 kilos of it yesterday! Milled right here in Washington!

So you will be seeing it on the menu quite often….

today, this Rigatoni Integralé, will be dressed in our classic Ragu alla Bolognese.

also today:

Spaghetti, with Garlic oil, chili and anchovy toasted bread crumbs

Pasta Misti, caramelized fennel, toasted pine nuts and fennel fronds.

Squid Ink Percatelli, with Anchovy-toasted-Pangrattato

Squid Percatelli


Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Mafaldine, with sweet corn, sage and cream



Last Call For Short Sleeves! ……and we are open on Labor Day!

Labor Day is upon us and Bumpershoot is here, as we enter the final weeks of cruise ships docking in the Puget Sound.

 For Seattleites, this sadly means summer is coming to a close.

So I figured some nice short shirt sleeves would be appropriate……

or “Mezze Maniche”  as they call this pasta in Italy

Mezze Maniche clams

Getting tossed with a spicy clam “Puttanesca” style sauce today!

Also on the menu today:

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Baked Mafalda, with summer vegetables, chickpeas, tomato and béchamel

Also as I mentioned,

  BOTH Il Corvo, and Pizzeria Gabbiano will be open on Labor Day!

If you haven’t tried out our new roman style pizzeria, because you actually “work” or something silly like that,  monday could be your perfect opportunity!


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