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Mike Easton and Victoria Diaz Easton

Mike’s passion for food began at the age of 16 when he started working in restaurants while growing up in New Mexico. During his time studying and cooking in Florence, Italy, he developed a passion for the craft and art of handmade pasta.

Amazed by the nuance of flour from different grains and the infinite textures and shapes that can be achieved with just rudimentary tools; he draws daily inspiration from the way they perfectly pair with seasonal ingredients and sauces.

After moving to Seattle in 1999 to pursue a career as a recording engineer; Easton took a job scooping ice cream and pulling espresso at Procopio on the Pike Place Market hill climb – which would later become home to the first incarnation of Il Corvo. Six years later he and a friend purchased Bizarro Italian Cafe where he was the chef. After selling Bizarro, Mike moved on to become the opening Chef at downtown favorite Lecosho.

After years of working traditionally long hours in fast-paced restaurant environments; Easton shifted focus towards developing a restaurant concept that would allow him to follow his passion for food but also achieve a work/life balance permitting time to focus on family. Hence – Il Corvo was born.

Today, Easton runs the critically acclaimed Il Corvo and Il Corvo Pasta Studio with his wife and partner Victoria whom he has been with for over 20 years. They have a daughter, Pilar, who loves to make noodles with her dad.

In 2016, Mike was a Finalist for the Best Chef: Northwest award given by the James Beard Foundation

Our Location

Il Corvo is located in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle at 217 James St, Seattle WA, 98104

We are open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 am until 3 pm

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  1. Are you still hiring? Il Corvo sounds just like the kind of place I’d love to own (in my next life – or if I were a chef!). I love good food in a homey place and appreciate what it takes to be an excellent server. Anyway, it never hurts to ask, does it?

  2. Congratulations on your new venture (and adventure). I schedule Sunday chef demos, at noon or 2pm, at the Pike Place Market for the summer. Would you like to do a cooking demo in September? I can be reached at scott@pikeplacemarket.org. Thanks, and best of luck. I will be sure to come to dine soon.

  3. My brother just bought the exact same Cavatelli/Gnocchi maker that you have pictures of in your restaurant. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, but we finally figured it out. He collects antique apple peelers, but loves anything cast iron with gears. Do you if this is rare or valuable? It does have some writing on it, I think it says Cleveland. I read that there was an Italian immigrant that moved to Cleveland Ohio in the 1900’s to 1920’s that invented this. Do you have any other information or know what it may be worth?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
    Respectfully, Lisa

  4. I consider them to be both rare and valuable. If they come up on ebay, they usually go for between $100 and $150, -and you were right, they were made by Vitantonio in the 1920’s. They are an elegant machine, that cannot be equaled by modern ones! I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you need a recipe for dough and a few tips on making the cavatelli!

  5. Your new restaurant sounds great! I wish I lived in Seattle, so I could try it. I’m looking for a culinary school to attend in Italy, but it’s hard to know what’s good. Where did you go? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Best of luck!



  6. I was unfortunate enough to find your site at half past midnight. I need to wake e up in 5 or 6 hours but I don’t think I can go with out having some pasta now. Preferably fresh. Ouch.. Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful food. I hope I can make it down there to eat some…

  7. Mike, you made our day last Friday when my family and I visited Il Corvo for lunch. The spaghetti al nero di seppia were delicious. Thank you.

  8. If your subscribed to the blog, you’ll receive an email announcing the dates for the next series of classes! (which I’ve not yet planned, but plan to plan….soon)

  9. Mike,

    We enjoyed your porchetta last Friday with our friends. It was great. It was rich and flavorful, and less fatty than others that I have tried. Keep up the good work.



  10. Mike,

    Where do you procure the semola Caputo? I like the one I use now from Central Market but would like to try the Caputo.



  11. Mike,

    I know that Tutta Bella Pizzeria and Via Tribunali use or used Caputo flour for their pizza. I’ve see the flour bags in the past. Their distributor might also carry the semolina, probably too large a quantity for my home use. Thanks for the reply.



  12. Mr. Mike,
    We here atBB Ranch , thrill when you and your dream girl strolon up in your classy wheeler. Thanks for the bold and great craftsmanship
    Boss Man

  13. Hello!

    My fiancée and I are just starting the process of planning our wedding, which will be some time in the summer of 2013. One of the ideas we’re most excited about is sharing the food we love with our guests, and since meals at Il Corvo are one of our favorite outings, we were hoping to involve you.

    Since we’re still a long way from 2013, all of this is still in the very early stages. For now, we just have three preliminary questions

    1) Would you even be willing to consider catering our wedding? We are likely to have somewhere around 100 guests.

    2) Does the location of the wedding affect your answer to that question? We are still considering sites ranging from in Seattle to two hours outside of Seattle, and recognize that the logistics of those two are very different. We would, of course, pay for any extra required time and effort.

    3) What sort of facilities might you require on-site? We imagine that this depends on the type of food you’d be preparing, but since we haven’t chosen a site yet, knowing whether you have any on-site needs would help us find a place to make this a possibility.

    Please let us know what you think, and if you have any other questions or thoughts for us to consider. Thank you so much, both for considering this unusual request and for making the great food (and memories) that you do!

    Moses and Bess

  14. Hi I’m Alberto from Italy
    I’m start a blog with the real italian dish…
    Pasta is the first ingredient for the italian recipes…
    I like your passion for pasta.
    Sorry for my english…

  15. Hi, I know it’s a ways off but I was wondering if you will be open on the friday after thanksgiving? We live in Vancouver and come to Seattle often but we usually get into the city long after you have closed on a friday. Thanks!

  16. Hi! I wanted to let you know that there’s a type on your homepage (Suturday) but also that I’m so excited to come to your new location! My friend and I ordered every dish last time we were in, and they were all so good. So much for my “less carbs” resolution! Laura

  17. Yes, I just read “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” and you can call me a stickler. I love your pasta and respect your work so much that I have to say “the way they perfectly pare” should be “the way they perfectly pair”. Thanks for everything you do.

  18. Yes, I did just read “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” so call me a stickler. I love your food and respect your work so much that I have to say “the way they perfectly pare” should be “the way they perfectly pair”. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  19. Hi Mike!

    How often will you do the Saturday Night dinners? Have a bday coming up and think an il Corvo party would be just the right medicine 😉



  20. I came back to the site to see how the new location/food was and was ecstatic to find you’re now open till 5! I will have pleasant dreams of your lasagna and future pasta dishes now. Question, will the restaurant be doing anything special for valentines day? Thank you!

  21. Hey Mike,
    Daughter and I love the food as it is simple but has great flavors. Your food has inspired me to take a trip to Tuscany. Any recommendations for cooking classes in the Tuscany area(I believe its the area you did some of your training).

    Keep up the great work!

  22. Hi, I write a blog in upstate NY called pastaonthefloor.com and your recipes are fabulous. Would you mind if I linked to some of them? I have been remiss in adding recipes and I need to step it up. Thanks.

  23. Hi Mr. Easton, I just found your blog and it’s amazing! I’ve only ever made pasta by hand (and I really mean by hand: I used a rolling pin and my shoulders ached terribly the next day) once before, but I’m looking into purchasing a basic machine as a wedding gift for a couple who like to craft foods together. Can you make a recommendation? I’d like to choose one that can make basic pasta, short as well as long. Thanks for the help!

  24. Hi there!!
    I’m looking to have a private dinner there! Can you tell me when’s your next available (Saturday) dinner would be? My husband is from Rome and it would be our 4 years wedding anniversary. We’ve been to Italy 3 times together and out of Rome: your pastas are the best thing we’ve tasted. I’d love to have a little private dinner there to make it a special night. Do let me know if you have anything open this week or next week. Thanks Mike!

  25. 3 of us came intoday and one of us ordered the Squid Ink but got the beef dish, very disapointing. Really was looking forward to the Squid Ink Shells

  26. Any chance you’re considering putting out a cookbook, or even better, planning a Washington, DC location? I know, I know, both wildly imaginative dreams of mine, but I would so love to be eating your pasta every day. Until then, I’ll have to be content ogling your blog.

  27. Hey Chef Mike! I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you at Tom Douglas and Jackie Cross’ Feast with Friends event! I am so grateful for the experience and will have to stop by Il Corvo and Pizzeria Gabbiano to try some more of your amazing food!

    -Morgan Fiess

  28. Hi Mike! Any potential cooking classes in the near future? Would love to know how to sign up for any of these.

  29. Mike, I love to come to your restaurant for pasta and I check your blog every day to drool over the latest pictures. Is there any chance you might come out with a book of recipes sometime? Not necessarily just for making pasta itself, but for the amazing, inventive sauces you serve them in. The cauliflower and brown butter cream sauce you posted the other day is calling my name, and I’d love to make something close at home. I know you use produce that’s in season, and I would love to see some base recipes that suggest different ingredient combinations for different seasons. I’d be the first to purchase!

  30. Hello Mike,

    I love the pasta here! It is always the highlight of my week 🙂 I was wondering do you have cooking classes I can attend? I don’t see anything on your site but I’ve heard rumors of it.

  31. Do you have cooking classes on June 9th? It’s my daughters birthday and she wanted to take from you!

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  33. Hi! Are you still doing classes? If so, where can I find information on those classes? Thank you!