You remember last year, how your lips were glistening with pork fat?

Remember the satisfying crunch of the pork cracklin’s as you carved into the main course?

Ahh, the way the air was scented with rosemary, garlic, notes of caramel

and a complex proprietary spice blend that I’ll never divulge.

Remember possibly the best gravy you’ve ever made at a family gathering?

…and the way your friends cheered “YOU’RE OUR HERO!” 

ok, maybe that last part didn’t happen (yet) but if you hadn’t guessed……

Once again it’s time to order your Thanksgiving Porchetta! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this crispy cracklin’ encased,

pork belly wrapped tender pork loin roast…

Feast your eyes on this!


Each one of these handmade beauties weighs in at around 6 pounds (no bones, easy slicing) and is seasoned, wrapped and cured for 48 hours.

They will look like this when you pick them up at the Il Corvo Pasta Studio.


Of course they will be neatly wrapped in butcher paper, complete with roasting instructions.

To make things easier this year we’ve created an online store to sell them,

Please fill in all the shipping information, although they will only be available


All orders need to be in no later than the 18th of November

and will be available for pick up Monday November 21st through Wednesday November 23rd

Once again, pick up only between the hours of 8am-4pm

Earlier pick up my be available by special request!