Pasta is architecture for the mouth

and nourishment for the soul

Il Corvo Pasta Studio
Il Corvo Pasta Studio
Il Corvo Pasta Studio

Inside the Pasta Studio

Where the Magic Happens

Artists have their studios to paint, draw and sculpt. We have a studio to design and create pasta – it’s that simple.

On any given day there will be at least 10 fresh pasta shapes in the studio case, as well as a variety of dried pasta shapes. We will also have a selection of Italian wines, house made condimenti such as Bolognese, Pomodoro, Pesto and house cultured butters – every aspect of what you would need to create a perfect pasta dinner.

We offer advice to customers regarding preparation techniques and types of sauce to go with various kinds of noodles. If it has to do with pasta, it’s happening here. We will also accept advance orders for special shapes and preparations.

We strive to be known for the best pasta in the country and we take our craft very seriously. Every aspect of pasta making happens at Il Corvo Pasta Studio from making small batch, dried pasta for commercial sale to creating intricate, colored, hand formed shapes.

Please note that we will not be serving ready to eat food here – you can visit Il Corvo up the hill if you’d like to eat right now.