Our Pasta

At Il Corvo we rely on years of experience and knowledge in order to create the perfect noodle. We work with traditional bronze dies and handmade tools as well as high quality organic ingredients to develop pasta with a proper al dente mouth feel that is both delicious and firm.

People sometimes mistake over or under cooking the noodle to directly affect the al dente texture of pasta. In fact, a proper al dente noodle is primarily the result of using high quality ingredients – semolina flour, wheat flour and fresh eggs. The protein in these ingredients are what creates the ‘tooth’ in the noodle – that’s what gives it it’s texture.

We focus on formulating the right blend of flours, eggs and water for each pasta shape so that it has the right texture and tooth. By using organic flours, as well as local organic eggs which have a much higher protein content and better quality overall, we are able to produce a much higher quality pasta that cooks well, holds sauce perfectly and is delectable.

Nduja ravioli pasta
Cresti di gallo pasta
Phat beets
Garganelli pasta

Our Ingredients


We are absolutely committed to buying local, free range, organic chicken eggs for our pasta. As a key ingredient to producing a fine noodle, we make no exceptions to this rule. Our preferred source for eggs is Goose and Gander Farm located in Carnation, Washington in the Snoqualmie River Valley. We also source organic eggs from other local farms when necessary.



We are committed on using 100% organic wheat flour from smaller, regional family farms.  Our preferred flour provider is Smalls Family Farm located in Walla Walla, Washington. We also work with other local farmers using organic practices in the Pacific Northwest region.