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Shhh, don’t tell anyone …….there’s Gnocchi

Gnocchi is possibly our most requested pasta at Il Corvo…


But we hardly ever make them.

It’s not because I derive joy from the act of depriving you of these pillowy little dumplings, (well, …I kinda do)

-but more so, it’s that no matter how much we make, how many hundreds we roll out,

…we NEVER have enough!


We just finished rolling out a 10 kilogram batch, thats 22 pounds in your inferior ” ‘Merican Standard Measurement” system, or about 70 orders in “IL Corvo Bowls”, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 3400 individual gnocchi,  which might lasts as long as 70 minutes here during lunch service.

then I’ll spend the next 170 minutes explaining that we ran out….

-especially when its tossed with a delicious parsnip sauce!

Gnocchi con Pastinaca

Gnocchi parsnip

So like I said…

Shhhhhh….DON”T .  TELL.   ANYONE!

Also delicious today:

Pappardelle, Alla Amatriciana

Spaghettini, with boquerones, anchovies, chili, garlic and breadcrumbs

Cavatelli in Radicchio Agrodolce

Sweet and sour Cavatelli today!

Radicchio, golden raisins, caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar give this dish just the right balance of sweet,

salty and bitter
Cavatelli Agrodolce

Also today,

Tagliatelle, Alla Bolognese

Squid ink Spaghettini, with salsa verde

Mowing the grass and weeds.

You’ve got some light gardening chores to get done….

First, pluck all this Basil Gramigne  or “Little Weeds” that have infested the Il Corvo pasta-garden.

Basil Gramigne

Then chop down all the grassy asparagus and prepare an nice, light asparagas-lemon cream sauce with them.


Oh, wait, Iv’e already done those chores,

-so go ahead and just nap at your desk until lunch,

-take an extended lunch hour,

-at lunch, call the boss and tell her or him that you’d really appreciate the opportunity to leave a little early today and beat the Friday traffic,

-make up something about an obligatory kids sporting activity tonight,

-and call it a day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Gramigne asparagus

Also today:

Pasta Misti, Alla Bolognese

Tagliatelle, in Salse Siciliana

Fusilli with House-Made Garlic Sausage!

Today’s menu includes some,

Lumache, with Wild Nettle-Mushroom Sauce

Squid-ink Spaghetti, Alla “Siciliana”

and a little of this…..

Fusilli with sausage

Fusilli, with house-made garlic sausage and tomato.

Sagnarelli in Braised Beef Sugo

A little trip up north to the Piedmonte today

Pasta “Sagnarelli”


With Dolcetto-Braised Beef Sugo,

Sagnarelli sugo

Pretty much a match made in heaven.

Also, today:

Mafalda, with Salse Verde (sardine, anchovy, caper, parsley, garlic, lemon, bread crumbs )

Gigli, in a Spring Garlic cream sauce

Egg-citement Is In The Air!

Michael Rulman will be at Elliott Bay books tonight, discussing his new book:

“Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient”

Though I’ve not yet picked up a copy, (maybe tonight) I’m positive I’m going to like this book.  I’ve been a fan of Rulhman’s books ever since my first read through “The Making Of A Chef ” a dozen years ago,

-and it just so happens I have a soft-boiled spot for these little bundles of joy..

I’ve even often egg-claimed that eggs are my favorite ingredient.

What’s not to love?

They are the egg-quivulent of culinary fairy dust.

They can preform the mystical alchemistic feat of turning lead into gold (metaphorically speaking)

They are one of the simplest of ingredients, yet skill and care can transform them into the egg-xotic.

(no more, I swear)

So today we feature my good friend of Meredith’s labor of love: thumb_63358

Goose egg Carbona!

Goose Carbonara

With ground prosciutto! -basically its an umami bomb, just waiting to go off.

Also today:

Tagliarini, Alla “Sardo”  -with Sarines, calabrian chili, pine-nuts, bread crumbs and chili oil.

Casarecce, in a fresh spring garlic and lemon cream.

Norma In Short Sleeves

Mezze Maniche, or “short sleeves” in english,

Mezze Maniche

-seemed like it would be a fitting pasta for todays forecasted 70 degree weather,

And dressed with “Salse Norma”  a spicy eggplant and tomato sauce, topped with Ricotta Salata,

She is looking quite attractive today… (hope she doesn’t get a sunburn)

Norma Maniche

Also today:

Mafalda, with basil-parsley-mint pesto.

Tagliatelle, alla Bolognese.

Malloreddus, with Sunchoke Cremé

Sweet and earthy “Sunchokes” or “Jerusalem Artichokes”

add a bit of intrigue to a creamy dish of  Sardinian Style Gnocchi, known as


Malloreddus Gnocchi

Also today:

Cresti Di Gallo, Alla Bolognese

Baked Pasta Misti, with Olives, Artichokes, Capers and Mama Lil’s Peppers


Percatelli Nero, -this week’s crush.

For your viewing pleasure, I present….

The very photogenic,

Squid Ink Percatelli.  Squink

-we all know I’m as fickle as schoolgirl when it comes to my pasta crushes,

But this Percatelli, like tiny bucatini, is my current pasta shape crush.

Squink 2

Light yet toothsome, twirl-tastic, and a little Squid ink to give it some sex appeal

 - next week I’m sure I’ll be into something else.

but for now, this is what sets my heart aflutter.

Percatelli Nero, with Chili oil and Anchovy-Toasted Breadcrumbs

Squink Percatelli

Also today:

Farfalle, with cured lemon, mint and asparagus

Casarecce, alla Bolognese

Whole Grain Tagliatelle, with Spicy Clam Sauce!

Whole grain durum wheat Tagliatelle today,

 if we were on safari, it would be the perfect shade of khaki.

Wow, “Khaki” is maybe my least favorite word to describe a food related color?

How about “Taupe”

-meh, still not an appetizing descriptor .

How about “a golden amber like the color of freshly harvested wheat”

there, see, now I can be a food writer!


Whatever you call the color, it’s beautiful.

Whole grain tag

Tossed in Nduja (Spicy Calabrian Salami) and Clam sauce!

And Farfalle!

Farfallein a fresh asparagus, Mama lil’s and lemon sauce.

Also today, Rigatoni alla Bolognese


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