Cascara Flour Tagliatelle, in Quattro Formaggio!

Cascara is the dried skin of the coffee cherry, it has a fragrant and savory aroma, with notes of dark fruit, tobacco and black tea……

and when added to a blend of semolina and wheat fours, it happens to make a fantastic pasta!  (That sort of tastes like beef stroganoff)

And on the lighter side,

Tubettini, with snap-peas, preserved lemon, toasted pine nuts and almonds and brown butter! 

Baked Pasticcio!

with wild nettle béchamel, asparagus and tomato


Fusilli, with boquerones, anchovy, garlic, chilies and dandelion greens 

Enjoying the Greenery?

Pasta Misti, with wild nettle cream sauce!


Conchiglie, with house-made pancetta, green garlic, and pickled peperoncinis