A day like today calls for Pasta e Fagioli!!

This Italian comfort classic can help you wring out those grey Seattle blues….

Quadrucci (little squares of pasta) with chickpeas, chard, garlic and a silken sauce made from the broth.

And rigatoni, with house made Italian sausage, with spring onions and roasted piquillo peppers

Just in time…..

Just think, with all that “daylight” you just saved this morning, you’ve got more than enough time to grab a bowl of spicy,

Perciatelli, alla Siciliana! 


Creamy delicious

Torchietti, wit parsnips and fresh Sage!

Spaghetti, con creme di rapa!

Root vegetable sweetness and a bright earthiness, combined with cream and herbs, makes this one of my all time favorite cream sauces,

-and it Looks lovely embracing our toothy Spaghetti


Gigli, with hot peppers, spring onions, pickled cippolini and peppadews!