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Pizza by the Kilo, Now Open!

Pizza by the Kilo, Now Open!.

Pappardelle, with pepper braised pork ragu!

Perfect for a cloudy winter’s day….

Papp pork

Or a rainy mid-august Seattle day.

Also today:

Lumache, alla Amatriciana

Sumer Vegetable Lasagne

It’s my 800th blog post!

800 posts.

800 f$%^&ng posts.

(sometimes I swear, just for dramatic effect)

Thats 3+ years of posting everyday, except on weekends, but sometimes on weekends anyway.

In these years, I’m not sure if I’ve left anything unsaid about the topic of pasta,

and included 100s of photos of pasta, pasta making, pasta makers and everything in between.

Gnocchi Il Corvo(here’s a photo from the first week Il Corvo was open, back when we though 3 kilos of gnocchi would be plenty, now 10 kilos isn’t even enough)


But all good things come to an end.

We will be slowly transitioning to an actual website for both Il Corvo Pasta and our new venture (open today) Pizzeria Gabbiano.

DON’T WORRY! -the menu will still be posted everyday, on Il Corvo’s Facebook Page   [right here]   -feel free to  “like” it so you can see it come up in your news feed.

Until the official launch of the website, you can still expect a few blogposts a week. (we couldn’t just quit cold turkey)


For today’s menu:

Lingune, with clam sauce

Fiore, with bursted sungold tomatoes, butter and basil

Conchiglie, with arugula-basil pesto

There’s nothing more fun than making pasta……

And here’s some unnecessarily adorable photos of my daughter to prove it…

Pilar 1pilar 3On the menu today:

Baked Pasticcio Bianca -baked tubes of pasta with zucchini, corn, oregano and béchamel.

Torchietti, with a spicy, sweet onion, Sicilian sauce (with anchovies of course)

Maccheroni, with a braised pork leg ragu

Maccheroni con Cipolla e Acciughe

My favorite ingredient in a pasta sauce is time. (not thyme)

Theres nothing quite as satisfying as taking 2 otherwise mundane ingredients and just slow roasting them overnight until they transform into something magical.

like a sack of nice white onions and a tin of good Sicilian anchovies…….

the sweet, savory, unctuousness that comes out of the oven in the morning is short of a miracle


-like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon

- like a delicious, savory, caramelized butterfly……tossed with Maccheroni.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Cavatelli, with Ragu di Zucchini

Pasta Misti with Basil, Ricotta and Lemon

Looks like it just got a whole lot more summery……Basil Ricottain your mouth.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Conchiglie, with anchovy, capers and sicilian cherry tomatoes

Tajarin, with Garlic, Sage, and Controné chili

So light, so delicate, so satisfying….



A pasta like this would be smothered by a heavy meat sauce, and a chunky vegetable sauce wouldn’t pair well with the noodle…

When dressing a pasta like this, its best to dress it in it’s summer clothes….

Lightly, spicy and with enough impact that not much are needed.

like a garlic, sage and chili infused olive oil…….

Let the pasta “show some skin”

Also today:

Pasta Misti, with chard, panchetta and pomodoro.

Rigatoni, with a bursted cherry tomato and butter sauce.

Happy Friday!

These are the type of snails you really want to keep IN your garden!


Lumache 1

Getting tossed with our classic Basil-parsley-mint pesto today!

Also today:

Baked Mafalda, with eggplant, squash and romanesco cauliflower

Pappardelle, with a pancetta-tomato ragu

Getting your greens!

The thing I like most about the ideals of Tuscan “Cucina Povera” or peasant cooking is that nothing is waisted.

Every bone is scraped clean, boiled and often boiled again.

Every fruit is harvested, no matter how steep the incline of the grove.

And everything edible that comes up out of the ground, no matter how bitter or woody, finds its way onto the dinner plate.

with often surprising results…

So next time you come back from the garden, or grocery and instinctive lop off the tops of your beets or turnips,

think about the meal you could create with it, rather than tossing it into the compost bin.

Casarecce, with turnips, turnip greens and pancetta.

turnip greens

Torchietti, with red beet greens and sweet corn

Percatelli, alla Siciliana

Scallopini, or “Patty Pan” Squash

looking more like little flying saucers….

Patty Pan

….tossed with blistered cherry tomatoes, fresh oregano and Maccheroni

Also today:

Squid Ink Gigli, with spicy clam sauce

Pappardelle, alla bolognese


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