Sure, sure…. maybe the idea of boiling joints and bones of animals, clarifying the liquid, seasoning it and serving it as a delicious restorative elixir has bean around since the middle ages…..

And maybe, ever since the birth of the classic french “Brigade de Cuisine” system -developed by Auguste Escoffier in the 1800’s, it is the very first thing any young kitchen intern is actually allowed to make a contribution to…

– by means of all his poorly cut and mis-shapen carrots, celery and onions, or being exiled to a corner of the kitchen to scrape bones, due to some earlier wrong doing..

..And so what if this stuff has been served by MILLIONS of chefs, street vendors, moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas as a stand alone dish, or, the main component to soups, sauces…..chicken an dumplings?

Do you know what all those people didn’t have?


So now you can get on the “boning train” an start slurping up this delicious, restorative, featured as the main ingredient in ALL the new fad diets, and totally impossible to make at home….

bone broth. 

Previously know as Consommé, or “Brodo”  in Italian…

Capellini, in Brodo di Pulcino

(bone broth made from spring chickens, with noodles)


…maybe all you bone broth enthusiasts can start a club?

– you can call yourselves “boners”

Happy April Foods. – the jokes on you.

Also today:

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese (contains bone broth)

Rigatoni, with nettle cream (no bone broth)