It’s the holiday season,

the season of giving,

the season of jolly good times and indulgences all around.

So after participating in the “jolly good times and indulgence” at the Seattle Caviar Co. the other day, resulting with me coming home with a plump lobe of grade “A” foie gras under my arm, I decided I should participate in the “giving(ish) ” part, and make a little Amaro Nonino cured Foie Gras terrine to share with you.

Foie GrasServed with a little house made Challah toast and salted pumpkin seed brittle.

..You know, just because.

and for the pasta today:

We’ve got Baked Lasagne Verde, with Parsley and Arugula pasta, ricotta, tomato and turnip cream.

As well as,

Pappardelle alla Bolognese


Torchietti, with pancetta, chickpeas tomato and chilis