Well, I guess it’s hard to call this dish just “alla Cacciatore”,

which translates to “Hunter style”  -if there is no meat in the dish?

So we’re calling it Cacciatore Infruttuoso –the Unsuccessful hunter style.

Because even if you came back empty handed from a game hunting trip….

Cacciatore infruttuoso

you deserve a belly full of satisfying Maccheroni, with nicoise olives, mushrooms, tomato, oregano and a pinch of spice.

Also today:

Pappardella, alla Bolognese

Conchiglini, in a spicy clam, caper and tomato sauce.

Also, we have already sold just over half of our limited number of Thanksgiving Porchettas, I imaging they will be all gone by the end of next week, so if you are interested in one,


Order here!