Don’t be afraid….

Yes, this pasta is made with Certified Organic Whole Grain Durum flour.

Yes, that means it’s good for you, ..or at least good-er for you than white flour.

and Yes,

you can taste the difference.

Grana Integrale

But fear not, for it taste not like the soil the very grains were reaped from, as is the common misconception of most people.

But rather, with a complex, hearty, nutty flavor that can only be derived from a grain so freshly ground.

Personally, I prefer it, and after months of hounding my distributors I finally received my first 50 kilos of it yesterday! Milled right here in Washington!

So you will be seeing it on the menu quite often….

today, this Rigatoni Integralé, will be dressed in our classic Ragu alla Bolognese.

also today:

Spaghetti, with Garlic oil, chili and anchovy toasted bread crumbs

Pasta Misti, caramelized fennel, toasted pine nuts and fennel fronds.