Labor Day is upon us and Bumpershoot is here, as we enter the final weeks of cruise ships docking in the Puget Sound.

 For Seattleites, this sadly means summer is coming to a close.

So I figured some nice short shirt sleeves would be appropriate……

or “Mezze Maniche”  as they call this pasta in Italy

Mezze Maniche clams

Getting tossed with a spicy clam “Puttanesca” style sauce today!

Also on the menu today:

Pappardelle, Alla Bolognese

Baked Mafalda, with summer vegetables, chickpeas, tomato and béchamel

Also as I mentioned,

  BOTH Il Corvo, and Pizzeria Gabbiano will be open on Labor Day!

If you haven’t tried out our new roman style pizzeria, because you actually “work” or something silly like that,  monday could be your perfect opportunity!