800 posts.

800 f$%^&ng posts.

(sometimes I swear, just for dramatic effect)

Thats 3+ years of posting everyday, except on weekends, but sometimes on weekends anyway.

In these years, I’m not sure if I’ve left anything unsaid about the topic of pasta,

and included 100s of photos of pasta, pasta making, pasta makers and everything in between.

Gnocchi Il Corvo(here’s a photo from the first week Il Corvo was open, back when we though 3 kilos of gnocchi would be plenty, now 10 kilos isn’t even enough)


But all good things come to an end.

We will be slowly transitioning to an actual website for both Il Corvo Pasta and our new venture (open today) Pizzeria Gabbiano.

DON’T WORRY! -the menu will still be posted everyday, on Il Corvo’s Facebook Page   [right here]   -feel free to  “like” it so you can see it come up in your news feed.

Until the official launch of the website, you can still expect a few blogposts a week. (we couldn’t just quit cold turkey)


For today’s menu:

Lingune, with clam sauce

Fiore, with bursted sungold tomatoes, butter and basil

Conchiglie, with arugula-basil pesto