The thing I like most about the ideals of Tuscan “Cucina Povera” or peasant cooking is that nothing is waisted.

Every bone is scraped clean, boiled and often boiled again.

Every fruit is harvested, no matter how steep the incline of the grove.

And everything edible that comes up out of the ground, no matter how bitter or woody, finds its way onto the dinner plate.

with often surprising results…

So next time you come back from the garden, or grocery and instinctive lop off the tops of your beets or turnips,

think about the meal you could create with it, rather than tossing it into the compost bin.

Casarecce, with turnips, turnip greens and pancetta.

turnip greens

Torchietti, with red beet greens and sweet corn

Percatelli, alla Siciliana