Often, our goal is to make pasta dishes as that are as close as you can get to dining it Italy,

We typically write our daily menus with the same ideals I learned while studying in Florence,

-Use what is fresh and close at hand, keep the flavors simple and let the individual ingredients shine on their own,

-there is no need to dress up a perfect tomato.


Sometimes, we make a pasta dish that actually transports me back to Italy,

the smells and flavors of it invoke an emotional response that can put a smile on my face no mater what my mood is, it can bring a sense of calm over me much like the feeling of vacationing in Italy.

pmodorini pan 2

As creative as we can get on a daily basis, sometimes a simple can of very good italian cherry tomatoes, or Pomodorini that were most likely canned on the day they were picked, at the hight of ripeness, tossed with a handful of fresh basil, and a pat of good fatty butter (I learned this dish in Firenze, where they appreciate the dairy of the North -the Romans and Southern Italians might scoff at the omission of their prized olive oil) 

and tossed with some freshly made, al’dente Conchiglie…..

pasta pomodorini

…..is all you ever need.

Conchiglie Pomodorini

Also today:

Mafalda, alla Siciliana

Farfalle, with snap-peas, house-made pancetta and mint