Allium Schoenoprasum, or Erba Cipollina

Chive flowers

When you see these little purple puffs dotting the landscape, they may go un-noticed, or simply -your eyes capture the information, process it through the optic nerve and shoot it off to the visual cortex, and send the information to be filed under “wildflowers” or “pretty things”

or “things my iPhone is blocking from my view”

-Then, the subconscious part of your brain decides wether or not the conscious part will even care if the information gets passed along, and it remains either un-noticed or draws your attention.

Buy when I see these little purple puff of chive blossoms,

my subconscious mind hits the alarm buttons, fires up the salutatory glands, kicks the heart rate up a bmp or two, and tells the conscious mind to

“wake the f@#$ up, and figure out how we are going to eat these things later!” 


How about a roasted garlic, lemon and chive flower Spaghettini?

Spag chive

Also Today,

Conchiglie, with a spicy clams and tomato sauce.

Pasta Misti, alla Bolognese