I love Lovage.


When a friend gifted me a bushel of Lovage from her garden this weekend, my first thought was to make a pesto, -to serve with the Ligurian shape “Torchietti” that we have just started producing.  I knew the herb Lovage had ancient Roman roots, but after some quick research on all the internets, it turns out my instinct was more right on than I could of guessed.  

Here’s what I found out about the origin of the word:

  “The name lovage is from “love-ache”, “ache” being a medieval name for parsley; this is a folk-etymological corruption of the older French name levesche”, from late Latin levisticum, in turn thought to be a corruption of the earlier Latin ligusticum, meaning “of Liguria” (in northwest Italy), where the herb was grown extensively.” (-Wiki)

So there you go.

Sometimes things just work out that way.

Lovage pesto

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