I was taught this dish in Tuscany, where it is traditionally made by boiling spaghetti in a bath of red wine. The pasta takes on a purple hue, and soaks up the flavor of the wine. Once it is cooked al’dente, the pasta is tossed simply in some olive oil, butter, parmesan and a splash of red wine (not the one you boiled the pasta in).

It is a truly remarkable dish,


not quite something we can re-create in the Il Corvo setting.  First off, we would need 15 gallons of wine to fill the pasta boiler, and another 20 or so gallons to add as the day goes on.

Not to mention, ALL the pasta would have to get boiled in the wine

– and theres that whole “alcohol evaporating in large quantities around open flames” thing,

so, needles to say, that is not how we made it today.

Instead we made the Mafalda with the red wine in it, a red wine reduction as a matter of fact, to concentrate the flavors.

Red Wine Malfalda

Because who doesn’t want a glass of red wine with their Bolognese?

Red Wine Bolo

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