I’m sending out the blog early today, before the pasta dishes are ready to shoot,

before even the first pan of todays baked Pasticcio, goes into the oven,

before the focaccia has finished it’s first rise.

Because there is work to be done else ware!

Most of you all know that we have begun construction on Pizzeria Gabbiano our forthcoming Roman Style pizzeria,

And thats where I’m off to… to apply second coats of paint to the walls, and chip away at an ever increasing list of tasks,

both small and large.

You can all follow along with the process by following the

Pizzeria Gabbiano Blog 


 -I’ll be updating it once a week until opening day!

For the Menu today:

Baked Pasticcio, with roasted garlic-cauliflower-béchamel, Mama Lil’s Peppers and Pomodoro

Rigatoni, alla Bolognese

Mafalda, with afresh asparagus-lemon sauce.