Pollo alla Diavola,

is a dish said to originate in either Rome or Florence, depending on who you ask and what part of Italy their family may be from.

The “Ricetta origininale” calls for a hen marinated in lemon, olive oil and rubbed gratuitously with black pepper, then griller over a very, very hot fire or “Inferno” -thus the “Devils Chicken”

Down in the heel and toe of the country, they favor the spicy Calabrian chili peppers in the dish.

Well, we have no grill here at The Crow,

so our version is an overnight braise of chicken thigh meat (my favorite cut of just about any mammal) with Sicilian tomato paste, Calabrian chili, Controné and black pepper.

tossed with some hearty Maccheroni

The result is ironically……..

Pollo Diavola


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