Well, Now that capitalism has been successfully smashed……..

I hope both teams had fun at yesterday’s main sporting event …..

One team, we’ll call them the “Black Hoodies” with all their “rising up”“smashing the state” and “sticking it to the man”


And the other team, the “Black Helmets” countering with their “Enforcing the Law” and “serving and protecting” –something-or-other


mostly protecting my stock options, that I have all tied up in Batons, Tear Gas and Zip Ties.)

Both team’s game plans seemed to be exactly the same:

 Intimidate the other team and push them past the point of reason, so they could then call “Foul” as soon as the other side over reacted.

-personally, I saw no point in attending.

….But Now back to Pasta as usual..

Today, Manicotti with some smokey tomato-paprika pasta and ricotta pine nut and cauliflower filling!


Also today:

Tagliatelle, alla bolognese

Spaghettini, with anchovy, garlic, peppers, celery and olives


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One response to “Well, Now that capitalism has been successfully smashed……..

  • John Bell

    Yeh, Mike, your take on the goings on of yesterday are pretty much right on. Yesterday was so … yesterday. But so is the concept of capitalism. Failure of it is not only an option, but the only one. Whatever… Better to hunker down by a plate/bowl of your awesome creativity. Even better would be to wash it down with a decent glass of vino or three … perhaps Willis Hall? :-) Onward through the fog…

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