Before most of you have had your coffee, the kitchen at Il Corvo is awash with the aromas of  braising meat and the soothing din of the cavatelli crank clicking away.

Usually I’d insert a photograph of some pasta porn right here…..

But today, I thought I’d instead feature the meatier side of things.

Here’s David, methodically and gingerly retrieving the pork shanks, that’ve been seasoned with capers, green olives and cured lemon, from the brood they slowly braised in for the last 16 hours.


 *It’s a recipe reminiscent of his childhood, the lingering memories of time spent in the kitchen with his Calabrian grandparents.

*(alright, I made that last part up for dramatic effect, -but his grandparents ARE from Calabria, and this is a southern Italian inspired dish- I just merely connected the dot’s for you)  

These will get shredded and returned to the brodo, and then tossed with Malloreddus, for an altogether porktastically satisfying dish.

Shanks 1Delizioso!

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