Integralé (IT),  in·te·gral (ENG)

[in-ti-gruhl, in-teg-ruhl] ,adjective : of, pertaining to, or belonging as a part of the whole.

Spaghetti Integralé

Health experts advise everyone that grains are a healthy necessity in every diet, and that it’s important to eat at least half our grains as “whole grains.”  Moreover, whole grains have some valuable antioxidants not found in fruits and vegetables, as well as B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and fiber.  The medical evidence is clear that whole grains reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Few foods can offer such diverse benefits.  People who eat whole grains regularly have a lower risk of obesity, as measured by their body mass index and waist-to-hip ratios. They also have lower cholesterol levels.  -the doctors of the internets


Those are some very good reasons to incorporate more whole grains into your daily lunch routine.

Here’s a couple of more important reasons:

 It tastes good,

it has a more interesting texture,

…..And when our Spaghetti Integralé, made with whole wheat, whole grain durum and spelt flour, gets tossed with a Sorrel Pesto, who could resist?

Sorrel pesto integrale

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