Gnocchi is possibly our most requested pasta at Il Corvo…


But we hardly ever make them.

It’s not because I derive joy from the act of depriving you of these pillowy little dumplings, (well, …I kinda do)

but more so, it’s that no matter how much we make, how many hundreds we roll out,

…we NEVER have enough!


We just finished rolling out a 10 kilogram batch, thats 22 pounds in your inferior ” ‘Merican Standard Measurement” system, or about 70 orders in “IL Corvo Bowls”, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 3400 individual gnocchi,  which might lasts as long as 70 minutes here during lunch service.

then I’ll spend the next 170 minutes explaining that we ran out….

-especially when its tossed with a delicious parsnip sauce!

Gnocchi con Pastinaca

Gnocchi parsnip

So like I said…

Shhhhhh….DON”T .  TELL.   ANYONE!

Also delicious today:

Pappardelle, Alla Amatriciana

Spaghettini, with boquerones, anchovies, chili, garlic and breadcrumbs