For your viewing pleasure, I present….

The very photogenic,

Squid Ink Percatelli.  Squink

-we all know I’m as fickle as schoolgirl when it comes to my pasta crushes,

But this Percatelli, like tiny bucatini, is my current pasta shape crush.

Squink 2

Light yet toothsome, twirl-tastic, and a little Squid ink to give it some sex appeal

 – next week I’m sure I’ll be into something else.

but for now, this is what sets my heart aflutter.

Percatelli Nero, with Chili oil and Anchovy-Toasted Breadcrumbs

Squink Percatelli

Also today:

Farfalle, with cured lemon, mint and asparagus

Casarecce, alla Bolognese