What makes something a “salad”?

I think we need to set some parameters….

 I’m thinking there needs to be a minimum number of ingredients,

Two, not including dressing.

(that rules out a pathetic bowl of iceberg lettuce, topped with ranch dressing)

Some type of fruit or vegetable component, raw or cooked 

(Sorry, though the peanuts found in your M&Ms are technically a fruits, as well as the raisins,- trail mix is not a salad)

Must have dressing, even if its as simple as salt and olive oil.

(for the records, “dressing” is NOT made of equal parts sour cream, salsa and ground beef drippings, e.g. -taco salad is neither a taco nor a salad in my eyes, -it is a poorly executed tostada)

So now that we have a few guidelines, the possibilities are endless, no?

Like this spring salad of Radish, Taggiasca Olives, Italian Parsley and Ricotta Salata.


 Totally qualifies.


This Smoked Paprika and Fontina “Mafalda and Cheese” just qualifies as delicious.

Malf N Cheese

also today:

Fusilli, alla Bolognese

Percatelli, with Aglio Stracotto (spicy slow braised garlic sauce)