Although the weather refuses to cooperate, my mind is on spring.

My loafers are next to the front door, my light spring jacket moved to the front of the closet, and my sunglasses are on standby.

They are like minutemen, eagerly awaiting my orders.

 -Ready to assemble, march out, and attack the first signs of sunlight peeking through the clouds.

But until that moment arrives, It’s important to be mentally prepared as well.

So I meditate on the colour green, I imagine the aroma of sprouting vegetation all around me, I comb the fresh sheets looking for the first signs of greenery I can incorporate in the menus..

Like this Percatelli with Pesto made of Spring Radish Greens from Local Roots Farm, toasted almonds and cured lemon.

Radish pesto

Get all up in it, focus on it, digest it (mentally and physically) and don’t get caught mentally unprepared for that next sunny day, get ready, get your head in the game.

So start with this, and prepare to begin the mental preparation for

“Spring Preparedness”


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