Thanks to the good folks at Local Roots Farm,

-We can ring in the first day of Spring with a taste of the first crop of Sorrel!

Sorrel, in the rhubarb family, is a flavor I always identify with spring.  To me it’s kind of an herbaceous blend of fresh cut grass, a faint aroma of spring onion, and a lemony-citrus acidity, that will add a brightness to just about any dish.

We present it to you two ways today,

First, one of my “go-to’s” when Sorrel is a foot:

Spaghetti, with Sorrel-Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Sorrel pesto

And also, due to the whole “still feeling like winter out there” today,

We’ve made some Tubettini, bathed in a rich pork broth, with a little fresh Sorrel tossed in to brighten it up as well!

brodo tubeletti

And if your feelin’ meaty, we also have:

Pasta Misti, Alla Bolognese