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While I was working in a restaurant in Figline Valdarno, now nearly a decade ago, I often liked to hop on the train and head into Florence on my Sundays off.

One particularly cold and rainy sunday, I sat down at one of my favorite haunts “Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco”  and ordered a dish that changed my thought on livers forever.

As usual in Italy, the dish was understated, simple, flavorful, and a perfect symbiosis of pasta and sauce.  The pasta was pillowy potato filled ravioli, with just a touch of ricotta in the filling as well, and alone could of been thought of as plain (other than the fact that you’re in florence, eating pasta, -that’s pretty exciting no matter how you look at it). It’s companion,’s lover,’s romantic entanglement…it’s partner for life in my mind, was a fragrant sauce of sweet caramelized onions and chicken liver, a few shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano, and a drizzle of that seasons freshly pressed olive oil.

The sauce alone would of made a fantastic “Patè di fegatini alla Toscano” -something that would be perfect, smeared across a crostini, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to go and make a sloppy joe style sandwich out of it.

The fact is, each of them had something the other one longed for,craved, needed,… to complete them.

-And that is the secret, to life, love and Pasta.

Agnolotti di Patate, in Salse di Fegatini.

Liver Ravioli

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