The secret to a dish with three ingredients, is the individual quality of each of these ingredients.  One slight variation has a big effect on the overall outcome of the experience.

Take Rome’s classic Cacio e Pepe, a simple dish, typically of Tonnarelli pasta, black pepper, olive oil and Pecorino cheese.  (I know that’s technically 4 ingredients, but olive oil isn’t considered and ingredient- It’s a lifestyle) And then push the limits of the ingredients you use, to the best quality you can, to the biggest flavors you can find and you get a result that is alarmingly delicious.

So if you think you know the classic, imagine it redesigned with some of the best  local ingredients you can find…

Like locally milled whole grain durum wheat pasta form Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill, and smoked raw goats’  milk cheese from Quillisascut Farmstead Cheese and School of the Domestic Arts,

That ought to put a little depth in your dish.

WW tagliarini

And a now that we are drifting out of winter, we’ve switched over to our Corona Bean salad with sage-parsley vinaigrette.

IMG_0617It even looks like spring!

Also today:

Maccheroni, with Lemon, olive and caper braised pork shoulder.

Lumache, with spicy italian sausage and Kale