Today we celebrate  “Il Risorgimento” the day the Kingdom of Italy became united

(on paper)

*”The Resurgence”, also known as the Italian Revolution was the political and social movement that united different states of the Italian peninsula into the single state of the Kingdom of Italy in the 19th century. The process began in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna and the end of Napoleonic rule, and officially ended in 1871, when Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

(*Some peoples of the “terre irredente” did not, however, join the Kingdom of Italy until after World War I with the signing of the Treaty of Saint-Germain, and see the November 3, 1918 Armistice of Villa Giusti, as the end of unification. -so we will celebrate that one later)

So I’m guessing that’s why everyone is wearing Green today, but they seem to have forgotten their White and Red?

 Il Tricolore!


 Il Tricolore!


Bucatini, with Green olive -almond pesto

Pappardelle, with black truffle cream sauce

Cresti Di Gallo, with spicy sausage ragu

(*this is all wiki-plagiarism)