Spring is right around the corner, as a matter of fact, it’s less than a week away.

 So it’s time to let go.

 Time to begin the transition.

 Time to release ourselves from that thing that makes us “Pacific North-Westerners”

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about “Complaining About Winter” 

Because after March 20th, It will be officially Spring, ..and even though the weather in Spring will be, for the most part, indistinguishable from most of what we designate as Winter, and most of what we call “Summer”, -The fact is:

It will no longer be Winter.

I don’t expect us all to switch gears like the flip of the switch on our desktop-state-of-the-art-superbright-LED-powered-artificial-sunlight devices. So I’m giving us all the 6 day warning.  Because,


So as we transition out, and watch the flowers bloom, and put another wind-mangled umbrella on the hook adding to the row of previous years trophies, (unless that’s yours in the street over there?)

-here’s a little bowl of comfort food,

because even though the last two days were sunny,

Today its rainy and technically still Winter.

Pasta E Fagioli

Mallorreddus, Chickpeas, Braised Pork and Beef, Kale, Tomato and Love.

Fagioli e Pastialso on today’s menu:

Pasta Misti, with toasted almonds, castelvetrano olives and pesto

Baked Mafalda, with sweet and spicy peppers, tomato and béchamel