Pork leg sugo, as easy as as 1,2,3

……4,5,6, (7?)

First you’ll have to go back in time and start yesterday, by butchering a 203 pound pig, to harvest a leg of appropriate size.. and scoring it with a razor sharp knife. -being sure to have already had one of your many and loyal minions set up a bowl of mirepoix Leg 1

then add a liberal amount of salt…leg 2 sear up the skin side, for a little caramel flavor.

leg 3put it in for a 300 degree braise, with a bit of red wine, tomato, bay leaf and the mirepoix
leg 4

Then go home, cook diner for the family, open a bottle of Brunello, play guitar for an hour or so, play around on facebook for way too long, finish bottle of brunello, waist more time on Facebook while simultaneously playing guitar (sort-of), then shower, go to bed and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.

-show up to work and take it out of the oven

Leg 5

stop to admire the crispy skin..leg 6

 -now you’ll find that the pork falls off the bone,

shred the pork, force the braising liquid and mirepoix through a chinois,

and toss with your favorite pasta.

in this case, Casarecce.

And presto.
Pasta pork

Also on the menu today:

Tagliarini, in toasted Almond-pine nut -basil pesto

Malloreddus, in Salse Peperonata.