When searching for “Bacalao” the spanish spelling of the Italian word “Baccalà”  -I came across a reference to “Tierra de los Bacallao” a mysterious phantom island off the coast of Portugal.  The island showed up on maps here and there up until the mid 1500’s.


(cue the orchestral creepy unsolved mysteries music)

Disappeared from history….

So, I’ll leave you guys with this delicious salt-cod, potatoes, tomato ,olive and Lumache dish….


While I leave to go lead an Indiana-Jones -Style expedition to track down this mysterious island made of salted cod.

You’ll probably want some of this house-made Elk and Juniper salami cotto, with Italian prune and red wine mostarda, to tie you over until I return…..

Elk Sausage

Also on the menu today:

Percatelli, Alla Carbonara

Gigli, with artichokes, kale and cured Meyer lemon