The stars aligned, the clouds had parted, the sun shown upon us,

 and the Stinging Nettles were sprouting. 

Not to mention, my bicycle had been giving me that “come hither” look for a few weeks now.

So I figured it was time to kill two birds with one stone, and go bicycle foraging.

BikeAs Jonathan and I soon realized, shorts may be very comfortable for bicycling on a sunny, 55 degree day……but not necessary the best choice for wading through stinging nettles and black berry brambles.

JJ(Jonathan is not amused.) 

but as they say, “All’s well that ends well”

…..and we returned with a bounty of fresh wild nettles for todays menu,

-don’t worry, a quick bath in some boiling water will take care of that “stingy” part,

(though the damage has already been done to our shins)

Nettles 2

all worth the effort for this:

Pasta Gramigne which translates to “little weeds”,

tossed with a nettle cream sauce.


Also today:

Tagliatelle, alla Bolognese

Spaghettini, alla Siciliana