I decided to pull one of our old pasta makers down from the shelf ,

dust her off, and take her for a spin.

Roman 2

Making mountains out of Malloreddus…

Malloreddus 2

Our Pastaio, Roman, put on a show for the passer-byes  -just like old times…


and now I remember what I love about this pasta shape “Malloreddus” a Sardinian style of Gnocchi, often flavored with saffron…

-It has a toothiness of texture, that holds up to a long boiling time and is really at home in just about any sauce..

like this spicy Vongolé e Pomodoro

Malloreddus clam

Also today:

Rigatoni, alla Bolognese

Tagliatelle, in our Basil-Parsley-Mint Pesto