Friday at last! While “Il Capo di Tutti” Easton (aka”Il Padrino“) is flying at 30,000ft above the Atlantic on his way home from Roma, the minions back at the Shop have been hard at work, hand rolling some pasta for you today. Garganelli (named after the “gargata” or “throat”) is rich in egg yolks, and its tubular, ridged shape readily welcomes the luscious, shredded, slow-cooked pork shank that we’ve been indulging in this week. It starts with little squares of flat pasta, as you can see our Roman forearm model demonstrates below:
photo (1)

Here’s the result after each piece is lovingly hand rolled and has a Friday morning Strategy meeting with the pork, which spent a steamy night with some San Marzano tomatoes and lots of white wine (and finally topped with salty pecorino Romano):


So, the menu lineup is as follows:

Lasagne with Celery Root, Kale and Ricotta

Squid Ink Spaghettini with Siciliana

Garganelli with Pork Shank Ragu