It’s nice to be back in Italy, it’s been just about 8 years since my last trip over, or in a more understandable timeline, it’s been 3 restaurants and a child since I’ve been back.
And everywhere I look I find the Italy that inspired me so long ago, as a matter of fact, I’ve been inspired to work on a new Il Corvo logo…..something a bit more traditional, maybe a little like this….

I found this in a tiny pasta shop a few blocks from our apartment in Trastevere, simply named “tortellini” … And for good reason

AND! After a few days of hunting, I found a fantastic vintage 1970 pasta cookbook full of classic Roman recipes, the dust jacket says it all-


– but seriously “sposa” – it’s full of great quick pasta recipes!

And this carbonara, made with Guanciale from a Cinta Senese pig,
is the best I’ve ever had, and that’s pretty inspiring.

Not to mention the menu the are putting together back in the states for you!

Maccheroni, with Smoked Oregon Blue cheese and house made Prosciutto Cotto

Casarecce , with celery root, brown butter and pecorino.

Tagliatelle, with Ragu alla Bolognese.