This week, life is tough for the Il Corvo Home team. The boss is off galavanting in Lazio with handsome Johannes – they are no doubt lost in a world of pizza research, visiting olive oil farms and probably dancing the night away with hordes of sweaty Romans (until the jet lag kicks back in). But, as they say, when the cat is away, the mice play!

We have some goodies for you this week, including this little cauliflower number:

Cresti di Gallo with Cauliflower, Calabrian Peppers, and Pancetta

photo 3


and a couple more that are sure to be popular:

Kale-Ricotta Stuffed Raviolo with Salsa Pomodoro….

…and a pretty solid classic for this decidedly un-Southern Italian weather:

Pappardelle with Ragu Bolognese

See you at the Shop!!