One more day until Friday.
And it’s not just any ole Friday, because tomorrow we get on an Aereo and jet off to Rome for a week.
Now before you get all jealous, let me remind you, this I’ll be a work trip. No fun and games. Johannes and I will be on a strict research schedule, with very little breaks from our observation, and analyzation of this thing called “pizza” they do over there. There will be rigorous testing, side by side comparisons, charts, graphs, technical drawings and most likely pepperoni.

But the good news for you is:
I’m bringing you all along for the research trip! (Sort of) – more like I’ll be bringing the research trip to you. I’ll be posting the blog from Rome next week in the future, 9 hours in the future to be exact. So along with the menu you’ll be seeing what we are up to in Rome. -Now I will warn you, the stress from scientific research and exhaustion looks an awful lot like public drunkenness and debauchery, but don’t get it confused.
It’ll be work, work, work.

The pasta menu today:
Conchiglie, with ragu bolognese
Spaghettini, with melted shallot and anchovy sauce
Clam Cioppino, with tubetti