Banks are closed for Precedence Day?

Seems like a strange holiday to me?

But, I guess understanding precedence is important, right? (is that redundant?) 


-how a house-made ham, from naturally raised pigs,

 Tuscan Lacinato kale, rich cream,

and pasta made from organic semolina and locally raised eggs

clearly trumps whatever other lunch you had in mind.

Conchiglini -ham

-that’s Precedence, -see it’s that easy.

Also today:

Tagliarini, alla Siciliana

Gigli, Alla Bolognese

*****THIS JUST IN******

I’ve just now been informed that it’s actually called “President’s” Day.

So, um,…yea, well… I guess that makes more sense?

So, go ahead and bring all your dead ones in if you like,

but we also take credit cards as well.