It’s always about the pasta,

Not that my inspiration doesn’t come from things like the weather,

the seasons, the local flora and fauna

or in this case the finding of a giant Ice Age Mammoth tusk just a few feet below the surface of Seattle.

But in the end, -they are merely the condiments.

The Italians even often refer to them as such,

“Condementi” is often the word used when talking about pasta sauce,

and the condementi, should always play well with your pasta of choice.

So when dealing with a hearty, toothsome maccheroni like this,

Zane D’elefante” or Elephants’s Tusks

-you want a salsa that can stand up to the tusk task.

Zane D'elefante

Like our house Ragu Alla Bolognese….

A dish of pasta you can really dig into.

Also today:

Spaghettini, with basil-mint-parsley pesto

Mafaldiné, with kalamata olives, tomato oregano and feta