It’s nothing short of magical,

-the transformation that happens when you include

time”  as one of your key ingredients.

This Venetian salse has the humblest of  ingredients,

Onoins and anchovies.   -but add the element of time to the recipe,

by putting these two ingredients in a pot, (with a health nob of butter and a splash of olive oil)

and just letting them slowly cook for a few hours, and you will taste the magic.

The onions (or in this case, shallots from Local Roots farm) slowly caramelize,

releasing all their sulfur and giving up the sugars to the dish. Meanwhile, the anchovies disintegrate, adding an unparalleled savoriness to the sauce.

The addition of a splash of good vinegar completes the marriage of sweet, sour and salty.

Percatelli, in Salse Veneziana

Percatelli alla Veneziana

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