It’s highly encouraged to branch out and kick-start your pasta lunch with the addition of something special to begin your meal. Like today’s chicken liver mousse. Can a mousse be described as “bright”? Hell yes, when it is enlivened with sherry vinegar. Don’t miss out, order some today and slather it on crostini with the accompaniment of a dried cherry mostarda.

Chicken Liver Mousse

Hi there and happy Friday. Jameson Fink here. As you know, I’m pretty geeky about a lot of things, especially wine. But what does it mean to call a wine “geeky”? I explore this on Geek Wire. You can read about my geeky selections, including a one-liter bottle of Zweigelt, on my blog.

Of course how can you be a wine geek and not be a geek for food as well? That’s why I eat pasta for breakfast every Friday morning. I will admit to feeling tinges of sadness the other six days of the week, when my cold cereal stares blankly and blandly back at my disappointed face. But rather than sad sentiment, let’s get happy with today’s trio of pastas:

  • Spaghettini with┬áCacio e Pepe. That’s cheese and black pepper. Mike has said of the dish: “Two ingredients, that on their own are delicious and readily available in most households, brought together, in such a way to become greater than the sum of their parts.”
  • Cresti di Gallo with Bolognese
  • Cavatelli with a Parsnip and Brown Butter Sauce

And, it’s Friday. You’ve earned some wine. Seriously.