Basil Mafalda

This is my verdant field of dreams, composed of basil mafalda. Oh, to be able to dance and prance on top of it and engage in some kind of Elysian, Sound of Music-style blissful mountain top twirling. Though, sadly, this is not possible, nor sanitary, nor safe, I (Jameson Fink) can thankfully say that you can parlay these sentiments onto your lunchtime plate in the form of Baked Pasta Friday (BPF).

Today’s BPF offering is a tribute to the Margherita pizza. You’ve got the basil in the pasta. The hand-made mozzarella? Here it is, in log form. This shape is achieved by wrapping it in cheese cloth and then tying it.

Mozzarella Log

Maybe for Halloween this year in an homage to “The Log Lady” from Twin Peaks, I’ll carry around a giant mozzarella log and be The Mozz Log Gentleman.

log lady

This log may have more fiber, but I prefer my log to be made of mozzarella.

No homage to Margherita would be complete without tomato, and there’s also some bechamel in there to make it hearty enough for a Seattle January.

You’ll also find cappellini in brodo, which is a powerhouse of a hearty beef and pork broth. Right now I’m drinking some like it was black coffee. If this brodo had caffeine in it, I’d probably give up coffee. Can something smell rich? Because this broth does. Wish we had some kind of scratch and sniff blog technology. I can, however, recommend a scratch and sniff wine book. Seriously. It’s a 22-page paperboard book that is tailor-made for the wine curious who are intimidated by 500 page wine tomes. I highly recommend this book; you can read more about it and check out my podcast with the author on my blog.

Finally, it’s tough to imagine an Il Corvo world without Bolognese sauce. Enjoy it today with some wonderful lumache pasta.

Baked Pasta with Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Mafalda

Log Lady photo via Emily. I am jealous!