Now, when I refer to a “pot head terrine”

I’m not referring to the 1am,

 standing in front of the open fridge,

muttering out loud,

“Oh MAN, you know what would be Soooooo good right now” 

type of terrine.

I mean it’s a terrine of pork “testa” (the meat from neck and head),  

from a pig that was raised on (totally legal) Marijuana.

read about it here

William was kind enough to bring us one of these pig heads as a one year anniversary gift!

So here you go:

Pot Head Terrine, with Delicata Squash Mostardo

Pot Head Terrine

 That terrine is just a “Gateway” course leading you to bigger bowls 

of things like:

Capellini in Brodo

Capellini in brodo

so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also today:

Pasta Misti, alla Bolognese

Lumache, in a bolero carrot and sage-squash sauce